Daniel E. Resasco


Douglas and Hilda Bourne Chair;
George Lynn Cross Professor;
School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering

B.S., Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina (1975);
Ph.D., Yale University (1984)

Professor, Chemical Engineering Department Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata (1983-90); Visiting Professor, Yale University (1986-87, 1991); B. Houssay Award for Scientific Achievement, National Research Council of Argentina (1987); Chairman, Chemical Engineering Department, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata (1987-88); Senior Scientist, Sun Company, Inc., Pennsylvania (1991-93); Executive Committee, International Congress on Catalysis (1996); Editorial Board of Applied Catalysis (1996-2001); Associate Editor of Journal of Catalysis (since 2001).


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Heterogeneous Catalysis
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Daniel E. Resasco

Research Interests

My research interest is in the area of heterogeneous catalysis.

The goal of our research is to understand the relationship between the catalytic performance and the microscopic structure and composition of the material, in addition to the links between the synthesis process and the final catalyst. Achieving this goal requires a combination of studies involving materials synthesis, characterization of materials under reaction conditions, and precise measurement of the catalytic behavior. In this interdisciplinary effort we employ a variety of techniques, including surface spectroscopies (DRUV-VIS, FTIR), x-ray absorption (EXAFS, XANES), X-ray diffraction, microcalorimetry, electron microscopy, resonance techniques, and temperature programmed methods (TPD, TPR, TPO), "in situ" Raman spectroscopy, together with steady-state and transient catalytic activity measurements.

We conduct our investigations on a variety of materials- zeolites, supported metals, and strong solid acids. Our fundamental studies are designed to be applicable to industrial processes in two broad areas:

  • Molecular design of fuels with improved properties (cetane number, octane number, clean combustion)
  • Synthesis of nanostructured materials based on single-walled carbon nanotubes

Research Web Sites

Carbon Nanotubes
Heterogeneous Catalysis

Selected Publications

Catalytic Strategies for Improving Fuel Quality

“n-Octane aromatization on Pt-containing non-acidic large pore zeolite catalysts.” Jongpatiwut, Siriporn; Trakarnroek, Supak; Rirksomboon, Thirasak; Osuwan, Somchai; Resasco, Daniel E. Catalysis Letters 2005, 100, 7-15

“Side-Wall Functionalization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with 4-Hydroxymethylaniline Followed by Polymerization of -Caprolactone.” Buffa, Fabian; Hu, Hui; Resasco, Daniel E.. Macromolecules 2005, 38(20), 8258-8263.

“Competitive hydrogenation of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons on sulfur-resistant bimetallic Pt-Pd catalysts”, Siriporn Jongpatiwut, Zhongrui Li, and Daniel E. Resasco, Walter E. Alvarez, Ed L. Sughrue, and Glenn W. Dodwell, Applied Catalysis A, General (2004) 262, 241-253

“Ring Opening of Decalin and Tetralin on HY and Pt/HY zeolite catalysts.” Malee Santikunaporn, Jose E. Herrera, Siriporn Jongpatiwut, Daniel E. Resasco, Walter E. Alvarez, Ed L. Sughrue, Journal of Catalysis 228, 100-113 (2004)

Synthesis of Single-walled Carbon Nanotubes

“Quantifying carbon-nanotube species with resonance Raman scattering” A. Jorio, A. P. Santos, H. B. Ribeiro, C. Fantini, M. Souza, J. P. M. Vieira, C. A. Furtado, J. Jiang, R. Saito, L. Balzano, D. E. Resasco, and M. A. Pimenta, Physical Review B 72, 72, 075207 2005

“Dispersion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes of Narrow Diameter Distribution.” Yongqiang Tan and Daniel E. Resasco Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2005, 109, 14454-14460

“Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes of Controlled Diameter and Bundle Size and Their Field Emission Properties.” Liang Zhang, Leandro Balzano, and Daniel E. Resasco, Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2005, 109, 14375-14381

“Raman Spectroscopy of Individual Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes from Various Sources” Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2005, 109(21), 10567-10573. Hennrich, Frank; Krupke, Ralph; Lebedkin, Sergei; Arnold, Katharina; Fischer, Regina; Resasco, Daniel E.; Kappes, Manfred M.

“Controlled Growth of SWCNT on Solid Catalysts with Narrow (n,m) Distribution.” American Institute of Physics Conf. Proc. 723, pp. 27-32 (2004). D. E. Resasco, L. Balzano, J. E. Herrera, O. Matarredona, and L. Zheng

“Polymer Brushes on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization of n-Butyl Methacrylate” Shuhui Qin, Dongqi Qin, Warren T. Ford, Daniel E. Resasco, and Jose E. Herrera, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2004), 126, 170-176.

“Loss of single-walled carbon nanotubes selectivity by disruption of the Co-Mo interaction in the catalyst”, J. E. Herrera and D. E. Resasco, Journal of Catalysis 221, (2004) 354-364

“Narrow (n,m)-Distribution of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Grown using a Solid Supported Catalyst”, Sergei M. Bachilo, Leandro Balzano, Jose E. Herrera, Francisco Pompeo, Daniel E. Resasco, and R. Bruce Weisman, Journal American Chem. Soc. (2003), 125, 11186



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